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Everyone has their why, check out our list of whys...


5 really good reasons why switching to a salon suite makes sense during a recession.

Before we get into that, did you know global growth is expected to moderate from 5.9% in 2021 to 4.4% in 2022? ⁠⁠Meaning, there’s most likely a recession coming in 2023 or 2024. ⁠If you’ve considered this, or are even starting to see the effects on our economy, here’s why you might consider making the switch to a suite rental…

1. Zero commitment. -> Ongoing obligatory overhead expenses (like weekly or monthly chair rent) in a recession lead to financial and economic anxieties.

2. Only pay when you know you’re going to make money 💰-> Reserve the suite and book out your behind the chair day(s).

3. Spend your out of salon days working ON your business. -> Marketing, taxes, picking up supplies, building your brand, social strategies.

4. Get creative with more ways to pull in income. -> Want to teach someone 1:1? Maybe you want to create an online course or host a zoom class? Maybe you just want to take some fresh updated pics for your website/ branding!

5. A collective studio, home to artists with different niches leads to more referrals in your direction. -> Our studio is a vibe and our clients are always looking for more reasons to hang out here.


Work at your own pace and ease back into life behind the chair.

Trying to find a new schedule with a healthy balance of home & work can be challenging with a new baby. The best part about renting our hair suite whenever you want is deciding when you can be at work without having to commit to anything right away. Our suite is a zero obligation lease. Meaning you can try it out and if you find it’s not the right fit for you, you can back out at anytime without risk. This space was built on the idea of freedom. Creative, financial, entrepreneurial and time. Come as you are, leave whenever you like. ♥️


Month to month locker rentals are available at the warehouse suite.

Although we provide many of the necessities stylists will need (view agreement and what's included here) … these lockers are large enough for our stylists to store all back bar items, a blow dryer, hot irons, clippers, combs, barbicide jars, hair colour, etc! Giving you option to come into the suite and have everything you need ready and waiting for you to start work, if you please! The freedom and ability to be your own boss and work at your own pace, made simple! 


Imagine you’re building a dining room chair. You’re almost done assembling it when suddenly one of the legs snap off.

Do you try to sit in the chair anyway? No, because with only three legs, it’ll be unbalanced and you’ll likely fall over sooner or later, right? You need all four legs to have a comfy, secure seat.
It’s the same thing when you’re building your career.
To build a holistically wealthy life that gives you the gift of time with your loved ones and a business you love, you need the Four Pillars of Wealth.

💸 Money Wealth
This is what most of us think of when there’s wealth involved, right? We all have to have it. It’s ridiculous in our industry or in any other when people say, “I don’t do it for the money. I do it ‘cause I love it.” Doing something you love is a bonus, but you need to provide a life for yourself.
⏰ Time Wealth
Time is the only resource we can’t make more of, so it is incredibly precious to me. But often, we feel stretched thin, like we’re being pulled in a million different directions and nothing gets 100% of our attention, right? That’s when we’re lacking in time wealth. Take a moment today to plan what it would look like if your time was being well-spent, then start making moves to make it happen.
💗 Love Wealth
Love is something humans need in their life, and I’m not just talking romantic love or partnerships. It means friendships, good connections with your coworkers, family, pets, love for yourself.
💪 Health Wealth
What’s important to you health-wise? And everybody’s idea of health is different, right? I feel healthiest when I wake up early and work out. You might feel healthiest when you drink a smoothie every day, go to the gym, or stop smoking.
What does your healthiest life look like here?

The amazing thing is once you put all these pillars of wealth into place in your life, your life and career bloom. You have time to spend with your loved ones, your health, money in the bank, and love in your life.


If Shelly says I need it, you better believe I’m going to buy it...⁠

I’ve been a religious supporter of her brand of hair extensions "Laux Hair Extensions" and getting her to put them in and move them up every 8 weeks for about 7 years. Thanks to Shelly, my hair and honestly my confidence have never been healthier and higher… and every time I walk out the door after an appointment, I’ve got at least one product that she’s recommended for me because whatever she says I need, I’ll buy.⁠
⁠Here’s the thing… I own a cosmetic studio, so I could get some of what she offers me at a professional discount. But I don’t. ⁠I don’t because I want to use that product on in my hair tomorrow morning. I don’t want to wait for two-day shipping or make the extra trip to the store on the way home. ⁠
⁠She’s made it that urgent for me to have my hands on that product as soon as possible. ⁠
⁠How? She makes it an experience. She tells me how this can create solutions for me, how it can be beneficial to my hair… Yes, add it to my bag. ⁠
⁠Sell on the process, friend. Not the product.⁠
⁠Nobody needs more shampoo. Nobody needs more skincare. They want THE shampoo that will fix their hair problems, THE skincare product that makes them feel good. ⁠
⁠They trust you and they want to support you.

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